Branding & Identity

There are lots of things to take into consideration when building the identity for your business. Consistency is key so identity should extend beyond the logo the company uses. The psychology of color, typography choices and where the branding will be used all come into play. Are you going to use it on promotional products, a website, marketing materials, letterhead, etc? We can help guide you through the things you might need to consider when branding your baby... er... company.

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Web Design

Let’s face it, web design is not as simple as it used to be. Creating a look of continuity across all platforms is pretty important. There are 20+ different screen sizes just for Apple products. Your company's website will be the “Face of the Business”. In more cases than not, people are going to visit your site before they visit your storefront. So, it is pretty important to have a professional looking website.

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Craft CMS

We've been using Pixel and Tonic's add-ons since 2007 so it was only natural that we should use Craft. What we found is the most mature CMS currently available. It speeds up development which means it keeps costs lower than with other CMSs.

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There's a time to be humble. This is not that time. We are ExpressionEngine Developer 6th degree Black Belts. Even Chuck Norris is envious. Over the past decade we’ve built hundreds of sites using ExpressionEngine.

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Social Media Management

Social media has changed the way brands communicate with their customers. We can help you monitor, respond, promote, and increase exposure on Social Media platforms to help boost your brand.

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Video Production

Blue Fish is a full service video production company. Our team specializes in the creation of HD video and motion graphics with the ability to record, edit, and produce your projects. Each and every client is unique. Our producers work alongside your team in order to storyboard and create the perfect message.

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Search Engine Optimization

Blue Fish made a push in 2013 to become thought leaders for SEO and Digital Marketing in the Southern Alabama market, and it's paid off in spades for our clients. We're using our cutting-edge reporting software to complement our already robust abilities in web design and development to allow clients to launch, test, and retool their websites, marketing, and social media strategy. The results have been incredible!

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Email Marketing

Do you need a dynamic email marketing campaign to stay in touch with your customers? Blue Fish can handle that. Any good marketing plan should incorporate email marketing. Being able to directly deliver content to a prospect's inbox can have a lot of advantages when done correctly. There are a few reasons you want to deploy an email marketing campaign.

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