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Local SEO and “Near Me” Searches

What does your local SEO strategy look like? More and more people are using mobile devices to perform search queries. “Near Me” searches have increased nearly 34x since 2011, according to Google’s publication on Micro-Moments, with 88% of those searches coming from a mobile device.

Blue Fish’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Markup

Spanish, English, French are all languages you may know (or at least know of). But have you ever heard of Schema? It is the language Search Engines speak. Schema uses Structured Data to communicate with Search Engines.

To begin, we need to define structure data:  Structure data is data pushed to the internet that can be universally understood by search bots

Marketing Strategy for Non-Profits & Charitable Organizations

A few months ago I was supposed to talk to the local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Unfortunately, they had to cancel. Not one to waste good research hours I’ve decided to turn my presentation into a blog post. For background, The Association of Fundraising Professionals is a group dedicated to helping individuals responsible for generating philanthropic support for non-profits and charitable organizations.

Wait. What? You Want 1,000,000,000 Instagram Followers?

Why would you want 1,000,000,000 followers on Instagram?

That’s right I said it…. 1,000,000,000 followers. 

But really… Do you need that many? Sure everyone has dreamed of having a huge following and being able to dish out content and have it consumed by the masses.

ExpressionEngine Tutorial - Create a blog - Part 4: Templates

This part of the series is going to be diving into some basics of ExpressionEngine Template creation, so having a basic understanding of how EE and its templating works please check out the Ellislab docs.

First thing we are going to do is setup our templates to be saved as files on our server. This allows for editing of the templates straight from the server rather than the ExpressionEngine Control Panel.