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Blue Fish Named Small Business of the Month for Mobile Chamber

This month we received the Small Business of the Month award from the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. We love our city, so getting this award means a lot to us as a team.

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

Instagram really knows how to draw a crowd these days. At the time of its inception, Instagram’s Stories feature reaped widespread criticism for “copycatting” Snapchat, and we’ve got to admit, it’s hard not to notice. Between posts that disappear in 24 hours, location tags, face filters, and stickers, the resemblance is uncanny at face value.

But for all their similarities, the two offerings couldn’t be more distinct when it comes to what lends the most value to your business. In fact, we put Snapchat and Stories to head to head, testing them out to determine which offers the most ROI. After a 7-month trial period, we found Stories to be the conclusive winner when it comes to maximum value potential for your brand. While we won’t blame you if you choose to hang on to your Snapchat account for personal use, we think the evidence is clear: Stories delivers where Snapchat can’t.

Summer Reading List for Small Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

It’s summertime so I imagine you’re probably looking for some books to read at the beach. I’m sort of like a pack rat. I get it from my father. He collects Books and CDs. So, over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection of Business Books. A few of them have turned to “go to” books for me. And this one post all outline the five books that I think every small business owner should read And why.

Local SEO and “Near Me” Searches

What does your local SEO strategy look like? More and more people are using mobile devices to perform search queries. “Near Me” searches have increased nearly 34x since 2011, according to Google’s publication on Micro-Moments, with 88% of those searches coming from a mobile device.

Blue Fish’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Markup

Spanish, English, French are all languages you may know (or at least know of). But have you ever heard of Schema? It is the language Search Engines speak. Schema uses Structured Data to communicate with Search Engines.

To begin, we need to define structure data:  Structure data is data pushed to the internet that can be universally understood by search bots