Blue Fish's business has progressed over the years. We have worked with companies both large and small, from California to Switzerland. We have helped 1 person consulting firms, nationally recognized brands, non-profits, churches and government agencies, and we would love to help you.



We are consultants that understand the creative side of business. If you want to increase traffic to your website. If you want to build trust with your audience. If you want to work with someone that understands the difficulties of positioning, we can help.



We custom fit marketing strategies to the specific needs of your organization. We leverage our knowledge of business, sales, branding, application development, social media, website design, content strategy, search engine marketing (and more) to get the results you need.

Marcus Neto

Big Fish/Founder

Originally from Washington DC, Marcus graduated from James Madison University in 1996 and jumped into the booming DC tech scene. He started in sales, but moved into consulting and programming. Tired of spending 3+ hours in traffic every day, Marcus and his family moved to Mobile in 2004. This allowed him to start Blue Fish in 2007.

Today's advertising world is highly technical and Marcus' two decades of experience in technology & business helps him when working with clients on strategy, execution, and what will ultimately get results. Marcus regularly speaks at events and has spoken at conferences both here in the US and abroad.

Marcus has experience in building websites, branding, photography & video production, social media management, SEO and more. He has been an ExpressionEngine user since 2007 and was the Product Evangelist for EllisLab from 2011-2012.


Tad Ward

Chief Beard Officer

Tad is our resident mountain man. Originally from West Virginia, he now calls Mobile home. He started as a front end developer when spacer gifs and tables based layouts were all the rage. He joined Blue Fish full time on January 1, 2014 and is affectionately known as Employee #1.

If you are looking for someone to forge an ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS website, Tad is the man. His depth of experience with ExpressionEngine started in 2008 and the principles he learned using EE have carried over to Craft.


Jared Budlong

Governor Budlong

Marcus thought he was organized till he hired Jared. Jared pulls double duty for Blue Fish as our Project Manager and Videographer and takes the title from Marcus as most organized person at Blue Fish. He has been the silent partner on the Mobile Alabama Business Podcast for the first 3 years as the Audio Engineer.

Jared lives for helping clients weave a story that will share their heart for why they do what they do. His passion for video surpasses his love for Gantt charts but he is equally adept at both. If you engage with Blue Fish, you will have Jared to thank when your project launches on time.


Kirsten Holland

Bayou Babe

Kirsten(KUR-STEN, NOT KRISTEN) our resident Mississippian, also went to the University of South Alabama where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. While she has experience with identity systems and social media, she has mad illustration skills and kills the graphic design game. She is currently expanding her knowledge and skill in ux/ui design. Kirsten is a colorful addition to our team—from her hair to her personality. She loves all things retro and is extremely family-oriented, so in her free time, you can find her hanging with her family, specifically her niece and nephew.


Rick Perry

Head Handshaker

Everyone needs a Rick on their team. Always quick to make you smile and put you at ease. He is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. It is extremely helpful that he is an extrovert on our team of introverts.

Rick is a Mobile native. Oftentimes, you'll see Rick rocking out on the weekends playing drums. He's a showman through and through, but when it comes to business he wants nothing more than to make sure you get the service you need to make your business grow. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email him.


Natalie Bravi

Really Salty

Natalie also went to the University of South Alabama, where she graduated with a degree in fine arts. She is currently a graphic designer with a talent for illustration and experience in photo editing, social media graphics, and print while expanding her knowledge on UI/ UX design. Adobe Suite and Figma are her primary tools.


Hernan Calcurian

Knows Escobar

Hernan is a self-taught front-end developer. He likes to put his headphones on and muscle through work with a consistent standard and cheerful demeanor. Creating websites has become a fascination and passion for him.

Hernan is originally from Venezuela but now resides in Mobile with his wife and beautiful baby boy. Hernan has experience in HTML/CSS, Website Development, Craft Content Management systems, javascript, jquery, and more.


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