About Blue Fish

Blue Fish is an Advertising Agency headquartered on the Gulf Coast in downtown Mobile, Alabama. Our belief is that in order to maximize a company's effectiveness, there has to be a commitment to building around its unique and specific needs. The website is the foundation to that. All of your marketing (Adwords, Social, Content, etc) needs to build on that foundation. We develop a relationship with our clients to better understand their business objectives, that way we are able to custom-fit a strategy to them and their users.

Blue Fish's business has progressed over the years. The very first real client we worked with, a local tattoo shop, took months of work to create 4 pages of content. From there we have progressed into a company that has served clients both large and small from California to Switzerland and back again. We’ve created E-Commerce sites and simple one page websites with a name and number. We have helped 1 person consulting firms, nationally recognized brands, non-profits, churches and government agencies, and we would love to help you.

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We are consultants that understand the creative side of business. If you want to increase traffic to your website. If you want to build trust with your audience. If you want the efficiency of updating your website to increase (after all, time is money). If you want to work with someone that understands the difficulties of positioning, we can help.
We custom fit marketing strategies to the specific needs of your organization and your unique users. We leverage our knowledge of business, sales, branding, application development, social media, website design, content strategy, search engine marketing (and more) to get the results you need to expand your business.
Inside Blue Fish's Headquarters

Problem Solvers for Hire!

We love a good problem to solve and we'd love to solve one for you. We're psyched to work on projects with folks who are passionate and excited. We'll give every one of your projects 100% every single time. That means our designer will do research and find out what the best possible solutions to your design problems are, our developer will do everything in his power to make your product fully scalable from mobile to desktop and back again, and our leadership will be available to answer questions and give updates with little delay. We're small, we're agile and we're ready to do work.

Are you in?