Keeping in touch with past customers

Every business owner should have an email list of people that have purchased from them in the past. 

Who better to market to than people with whom you have already done business? By building an email list of past customers, you can share updates about your business, share new products or services, and stay top of mind when they are ready to buy again.

Having an open line of communication should be one of your top priorities. Plus, there is plenty of evidence that getting someone to purchase from you again is easier than trying to find new customers (Cost of Acquisition). Marketing to someone and getting them to purchase from you again also raises the Lifetime Value of your list. 

Marketing to interested prospects

So you have made a connection, collected an email, now what? 

Provide value! By compartmentalizing your list into specific segments, you can offer your potential customers something of value. Email is a great way to do this. 

As Gary Vee would say in "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook," offer value to your audience/customers (Jab) over and over again so that when the time comes to go for the ask (the right hook), trust will have already been established allowing your conversion rate to increase. Not to mention, giving value is the best way to establish yourself and your brand as an authority in your field of expertise. 

Technically speaking, there are plenty of ways to segment lists. If you sign up for the Digital Marketing Course in the red box below, then you are segmented and tagged, and sent down a funnel.

Monthly Email Newsletters

There are different ways to communicate with email. The simplest is a Monthly Email Newsletter. It is the format with which everyone has at least a little bit of experience. You sign up, you get a monthly email with coupons or news or information about services. This is going to offer the lowest conversion rate. But, it is almost a necessity for a business to have a monthly newsletter. It does not take that long to put one together, and companies like MailChimp make it super simple to make sure your audience is getting emails that are legible.

Drip Email or Marketing Automation

Drip email marketing can be a powerful tool. If a user signs up, they receive a prescribed series of emails over a prescribed course of time. The difference between that and marketing automation sequences are that in marketing automation, you can see their path through the emails based on actions that they take. Send an email with a link in it? Did they click on it? If so, then send them the next email. If not, then send them a different email. That is where you start to see real power. This is the wave of the future for email marketing because it allows you to personalize the campaign to the interests of the end user.

Blue Fish uses amazing systems like MailChimpAutoPilot, and Drip for email automation. Drip being our favorite as it is the most powerful.

Looking to put together a drip email campaign or a marketing automation sequence? Our Digital Team can formulate a great email strategy for your business. Each email you send should have a purpose. Never send just to send. Nobody likes junk mail right?

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What do our customers say?

Building your brand is like breathing for a startup - its’ what you have to do. When it came to partnering with a graphic design company, I didn't want to take a chance on getting it wrong. Blue Fish set up a video conference call with my team to make sure the really understood who we were and what we needed to convey with our branding imagery. The collaborative approach worked great. In past I have used web-based freelancers that were cheap and fast, but their work doesn’t compare to what we got with Blue Fish.

Matt Jones

218 Consulting

Blue Fish Has been a wealth of knowledge for my startup. Their services are so diverse from taking headshots for my advertising, providing free podcasts and learning tools from other business owners, and helping create an online marketing strategy. I highly recommend you give them a call and see what they can do for you whether you are a new business or established corporation.

Laurel Green

Marcus & the Blue Fish Team exceeded my expectations on my company's new website. The website reflected everything I envisioned. They were very professional, efficient & personable. I am extremely happy with our new website & will use Blue Fish in the future on my next business ventures.

Von Wesson

Von's Bistro