A success story of engaging clients through Facebook videos and Ads Manager.

At Blue Fish, we are always looking for ways to increase exposure for our clients. Getting your brand or product in front of as many people as possible increases the likelihood that you will find the person that wants or needs it. If you look at some of today’s great content creators like social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk or Youtube star Casey Neistat, what do they all have in common? Video. Regardless of the level of production, they are all putting out videos.

One million minutes out of each day are set apart just to watch Facebook videos. Since we understand where minutes are viewed, Facebook has given us an incredible outlet on how to reach more than just your employees and a few clients. Facebook Ads Manager makes meaningful connections with people to grow your business through increased traffic, engagement, and sales. If you are not aware of how Facebook can help you with brand awareness, check out our Marketing Madness video right here.


Through internal and external projects, we have been able to see exponential reach through the videos we create in-house. Our tailored videos are capable of being tracked through the "Insights" section on any Facebook page we manage. Take a look at what we have witnessed... numbers don't lie.


Our city, Mobile, AL, has gone through some dramatic changes in the past few years and we wanted to capture how life is changing for local business owners. To draw viewers to the momentum happening in Mobile, Blue Fish decided to interview 15 business owners to share up to 10 minutes of their heart and potential they see for our area. These videos were posted every business day for three weeks and targeted men and women, ages 19 - 58. We also targeted people in 10 locations bordering the Mobile area leading to increasing intent to watch. Between all 15 videos, we spent $263 which promoted each individual video for about three days. Here are the results:

  • 102,673 people reached
  • 15,078 engagements (likes, comments, shares)
  • 88,194 minutes of video viewed
  • 169,425 total video views
  • 50 new page likes

Are you convinced on videos yet? If not, look at the numbers on just ONE of the 15 videos released. Keep in mind, the total length of the video related to these states was just under 10 minutes.

  • $20.00 spent on Facebook Ads
  • 6,370 people reached
  • 1,881 engagements (likes, comments, shares)
  • 12,647 minutes of video viewed
  • 21,809 total video views
  • 5 new page likes


Through one of our clients, who is new to the hospitality business, we were able to deliver videos to over 15,000 people with $46 spent on Facebook Ads. If one in three shoppers prefer to hear about new products and services through videos, that is the potential of 5,000 new clients!


Another happy client came running to us with excitement when their phone would not stop ringing after a new service video we released for their engineering firm. Their videos reached over 28,000 people and created almost 14,000 engagements.


Facebook's measurement tools can help you see how your campaigns perform against your goals, and build better campaigns for the future. We use these numbers at Blue Fish as proof to our clients that videos give your business the coverage that gets you noticed. If you need help with managing your business's videos and content, shoot us an email at hi@bluefishds.com. We would love to see what we can make together.