Note: After much discussion via Twitter regarding what video service is best we have decided to go with Amazon S3 and some player (TBD). But... until we can get that set up later this week we wanted you all to be able to watch this video regarding Fireworks (CS3) and it's use as a web design tool. So we quick posted it to Vimeo. Hopefully it can stay there for a couple of days till we get the video hosting thing straightened out.

In this video we will start with a blank slate and create a usable but simple layout to replace that which is found at Sean Smith's This was not meant to be a end all be all tutorial but rather just a quick post about some of the features that I like about Fireworks as it applies to web design. You may like Photoshop... that is ok. The video idea came about because Sean and Richard were both asking questions about designing websites and I made the comment that they needed to give Fireworks a whirl. As a way of convincing them to come to the dark side I have armed this video with the very best. It basically recreates the look of Sean's website in about 10 minutes.

Fireworks Tutorial from Marcus Neto on Vimeo.

If you have any other things that you would like to see in Fireworks just leave a comment. I can't make any promises but I will try to create videos for any features you would like to see in use.