Several months ago we started on a new project. We will be building out a site for Eastern Shore, Alabama. The site will focus on building awareness of our community. Our desire is to have a place that both locals and tourists will use to learn more about our area. Things in this area are changing fast and it is hard to keep up! We'll have a business directory that will be FREE to all businesses. We'll also have articles pertaining to our area with tips on things like good locations for pictures, great places to go for dinner on Valentine's Day, Places to Visit, Things to See, Recipes, etc. We'll also have a community curated list of events and much more.

We've secured the domain name If you are a business owner then make sure to sign up. Again, all business listings will be free.

If you are on Facebook then make sure to like our page.

If you want a sneak peek of the design for the new site...

New website for Eastern Shore Alabama