This week we are going to talk about geolocated advertising.

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Now, in the past we have mentioned targeting when it comes to advertising. We talked about how advertisers now have access to information about your likes and dislikes, where you live, when you are online, and even how much you earn. If I am an advertiser and I want to target a 32-40 year old female that like cosmetic procedures, I can get ads for botox in front of them all day long. If I want to get in front of men that are 45-50 and love the Saints football team. I can get

But location is one of the more powerful tools in targeting ads. One of the things we tell people when they come to us for help in advertising is that there are a few limiting factors but budget is most definitely the biggest one. And one of the ways you can increase the effectiveness of what budget you have is to target a specific geographic area that is small enough so that you are saturating that area with your ads. It increases the likelihood that your target demographic will see the ads.

One thing that people don’t often know is that if you visit a location, the business or organization can essentially mark you and then target you. They can also essentially target you when you get home and then send ads to your other devices. So if you visit Lowe’s for some paint, they can “cookie” your device. When you get home and start watching TV on Hulu, they can serve you ads on your TV for lawn mowers.

Advertising has gotten to the point where you can get really specific with who you want to target, and as a user I am pretty excited about this. I hate seeing ads for things that don’t apply to me. Especially in this day and age where I know advertisers have a choice.

So whether it is a Facebook campaign, OTT video commercials, email campaigns, Snapchat ads, or digital ads, you can target your audience with some specificity which will make your ad spend, which is the amount you give to the network to get your commercial in front of your audience, go a lot further.

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