This week we are going to talk about why you should start a podcast.

What’s up Fish Fans! My name is Marcus. You’re watching Marketing Madness, the Blue Fish vlog!

A few years ago we started a podcast here at Blue Fish. It is called the Mobile Alabama Business Podcast. Jared, who is now our project manager, and I had a burger at Old 27 Grill in Fairhope and schemed on some way that we could work together. We hatched a plan where I would interview local business owners to share the stories of how they have grown their business and the experience they have gained through that process. Many people have been helped through hearing these business owners tell their story.

That was over 150 episodes ago. We’ve interviewed everyone from Mayor Stimpson and Bill Sisson, the CEO of the Mobile Chamber, to Sean Sullivan from FM Talk 106.5 and Jonathan McConnell from Meridian. What I have learned over 150 episodes is that there is no magic formula for success. That if you are a parent of a child and you want to ensure success it does not end with a piece of paper from some prestigious university. Actually, sometimes success does not even require a degree from a public high school. What it does require is stamina, grit, and desire.

I am sure you are thinking that is all well and good but why should I start a podcast, Marcus?

Well, the number one reason you should start a podcast is because of what you will learn. Doing a podcast and doing it well teaches you things about yourself and it teaches you about dealing with people. It may also teach you about business, growth, success, and a bunch of other things depending on what your podcast is about.

The second reason you should start a podcast is because it is a relatively easy way, if you enjoy talking with people, to create content. If you go to you will notice that the podcasts have all been transcribed so that the text can be included on the site. This makes it easy for people to read if they are hearing impaired. It also makes the site rank really well for anything related to the person that was interviewed. Many business owners struggle to sit down and write a blog post. But if you told them they could have a conversation with someone or just record themselves answering some questions and that would generate a blog post for them? They would be all over that.

So, if you have been thinking about starting a podcast but are hesitating, I would say go for it. Just choose a topic that has enough depth that you won't run out of things to talk about. And make sure to send me a note when you launch your first episode so I can listen in.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week! I want to thank you for checking in. Make sure to hit that like button. And if you have any questions or comments leave them down below. If you want to talk about how Blue Fish can help you grow your business just send us a message and we’ll get the conversation started!