This week we are going to talk about why you should consider hiring an ad agency.

What’s up Fish Fans! My name is Marcus. You’re watching Marketing Madness, the Blue Fish vlog!

Are you tired of spending hours and hours of your time trying to get the word out about your business? Do question whether the effort you put into promoting your business is actually paying off? Is your website drowning in the sea of online obscurity? Do you wear multiple hats, all of which have associated task lists that never seem to be completed?

If so, you should maybe consider hiring a marketing agency.

Normally we don’t do this, but this is totally an ad. Blue Fish is a marketing agency and definitely would not mind if you sent an email to to ask about the many services we offer -- but before you move on! I think that I can still tell you some valuable things about the benefits of offloading this stuff to Blue Fish.

So, what are some normal things you might do as a business owner to drum up awareness of your brand? Well, you might be more traditional, and print out flyers, hand out cards or gifts, or buy billboard space. Or you might spend your marketing budget online instead. Buying social media ads, google ads, or maybe making informational videos like we do here at Blue Fish. Or do you even have a marketing plan? Is there a strategy behind your advertising? Do you know who you are trying to reach? Are you targeting them in the right way? What are you spending your time on? I can imagine there is a lot of design work, copywriting, printing, and other stuff you have to do. And that doesn't take into account the strategizing, posting, boosting, and testing that are all standard practice in the marketing world. And all of that is tacked on to the incredibly busy schedule you already have from trying to wear all those hats!.

Getting your brand out there can be a giant task that takes you away from the things you should REALLY be spending your time on. That is, of course: running your business.

It seems like a lot of businesses are reluctant to go the route of outsourcing for a few reasons. Primarily, business owners seem to be unaware of what a marketing agency could do for them - how they can help, and what kind of return-on-investment they can bring.

One big great thing about hiring on a marketing agency is the outsourcing of work. Companies like ours hire the best designers, developers, writers, videographers, and marketing professionals, all laser-focused on doing those things that can help your brand thrive, not to mention with a professional level of quality. But that's not even the greatest benefit to hiring one.

I'll be blunt. If nothing else, marketing agencies like us are helpful because we're qualified to tell you where your marketing budget should go. Think about it. Do you have a clear understanding of who your audience is, where they are, how they act, and what the best way of getting them to interact with you is? These are problems that any successful business needs to solve to get their brand out there, and that's what businesses like us do. We solve those problems and more.

I hope that gives you something to think about. And like I said earlier, we would love to help you out wherever we can. Just shoot us a message at and let's chat.

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