This week we are going to cover why you should work have a website.

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Believe it or not we still run into businesses that do not have a website. Yes, they exist. The reasons for not having one run the gamut from “I have plenty of business, I don’t want any more”, or “I don’t want to fight with a website”, to “I don’t have time to write content”. While we certainly respect everyone’s right to make this decision for their business, we would like to disagree with the notion that you do NOT need a website in 2019.

For instance, to the business owner that thinks they have plenty of business and therefore do not need a website, well a website alone will not necessarily close more business. It will make closing business easier though and that is why you should consider one. One of the very first things people do when they need a good or service is search Google. I you don’t show up then you have to overcome that as part of the sales process. If you have a website you can share testimonials, that you cultivate, and information about your product or service that backs up what you may share in a sales meeting.

To the business owner that does not have time to fight with a website. That is why we offer all of our websites, even our cheapest package, with a content management system that allows you to make updates as simply as you would if writing a word document.

I will say that in over a decade of building websites for all types of businesses, the one thing that holds true, is business owners always have really well meaning intentions for writing content for their website, and it is a very very small percentage of business owner that can actually write good content for their website. So I totally get this one. But, here’s the deal, you can get someone to write that content for you.

As a business owner we have many things pulling at us. We wear many hats. One of the things you have to learn is delegation. A website is important to growing an audience which ultimately helps you grow your business. It is the foundation to a good advertising campaign. If you want to grow, then you should have a website. It is a signal to those that you want to purchase from you, that you are a legitimate company and not some fly by night outfit. So make the investment. Websites start at $12 a month with a company like squarespace, or if you want to have more of the work done for you, Blue Fish has website options starting at $100 a month. We also have content creation services so you don’t have to write the content either if you don’t want to.

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