By now, you have heard that video marketing is the way to go. Video is the most relevant form of marketing today for most industries. It is excellent for attracting attention and generating new leads. 

For many small to medium businesses, the reluctance to adopt video comes in many forms. The most common: people think creating video is super expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to track.

Video technology has come a long way over the past five years. In the past, you HAD to hire a video production crew and find a way to host your videos on your site. This is not the case anymore. With platforms like, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook: video is built right into the functionality. These video-enabled platforms empower business owners to create, share, and analyze metrics while requiring a fraction of the knowledge to get started. If it isn’t apparent, Blue Fish has gone all in on video marketing, and it is paying off big time. 

Video production used to cost tens of thousands of dollars per video just a few years ago. Now, this little device in my hand can do your entire video production, a task not feasible just a few years ago. A video doesn't always have to be expensive. Today's buyers and consumers appreciate authenticity over high-end production value for a lot of content. Lower production quality can make your content feel real and applicable to your end consumer.

Consumers crave authenticity, so do not stress over video quality or camera settings. Just get out and start creating content for your demographics. If you have something valuable to say, people will pay attention. When we started Marketing Madness we just jumped in and got started. As time went on and we began to see some success we were able to justify upping our production game. 

Social media platforms are disproportionately preferring video content. By creating more video content, you stay in front of people. This allows you to provide updates about your business or product. Speaking of which did you know… Just kidding. 

You will build more trust by starting with videos that provide value and are not direct sales pitches to the viewer. Provide value, build your reputation in a market, then ask for the sale after you’ve earned it with your audience. 

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