This week we are going to cover the importance of blogging for all businesses.

What’s up Fish Fans! My name is Marcus. You’re watching Marketing Madness, the Blue Fish vlog!

One of the things we highly recommend for all of our clients is that they have a blog, news, or articles section on their website. For the purposes of this video I’ll refer to this type of content as a blog. We suggest our clients have a blog for a couple of reasons.

First, let’s discuss the types of content that businesses can publish so you can keep this in mind while we discuss the benefits of having one. We regularly publish how-to articles, press releases, new employee hires, fun cultural facts, industry news, information about new products or services, and research articles to name just a few. So keep this in mind as we move forward. All of the articles that you publish should have the goal of showcasing you as the expert in your field. That, to the reader, choosing to work with anyone else would be uncivilized because you are the only choice.

Now we’ve discussed Search Engine Optimization before but I’ll hit some high points again. A couple of the things Google looks for when determining how to rank you, are Title Tags, appropriate Keywords, and Keyword Density. A blog gives you a place to put updates about the business that also increases the number of title tags you have and the keywords and their density. This is a bucket that you can continue to fill with information that pushes your ranking higher and higher.

We normally suggest writing at least a blog post or two per month. Google also tends to look at the frequency of updates to a website and the more often you can publish new content the better off you are going to be.

A place to publish content that you can link to from Social Media is also very important. You should be looking for ways to drive traffic to your website on a regular basis and blog posts that show you as the expert in your field are the perfect way to do that. It is well known that when people visit a website they have a tendency to click around a bit. So driving traffic to your website through blog posts also increases the chance that they will see something else that entices them and makes them want to work with you.

If you keep using the excuse that you don’t have time to regularly update a blog, then chances are pretty good you are not a writer. And that is ok. Know that there are other options, including hiring an agency, to write those articles for you.

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