This week we are going to talk about whether you should use Facebook or Google to advertise your business.

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This might surprise you, but we’re sold out for Facebook. And, honestly, we aren’t sold out on Adwords either. We’re platform agnostic and usually discuss both as part of the strategy for our clients.

That said, we get a lot of questions about which is better. So let’s jump right in.

Digital Advertising can be really confusing. So to help, we’ve rounded up a few key points about Facebook and Adwords so you can choose where to advertise to get the best bang for your buck. What are some key points about advertising on Facebook?

Well, if you are not very good on video it’s not a problem. All you need is an image to capture attention and some words to provide your message.

The biggest benefit to Facebook over Adwords is that you can force your ads into people’s news feed based on what they like and who they follow on Facebook (some examples would be people that follow a specific professional sports team, political affiliations, the TV Show Jersey Shore, etc.)

Facebook allows you to build regular ads or dynamic ads. Regular ads are where all of the items are spelled out. So the image and headline and call to action for a particular ad are all set and no deviation takes place. Dynamic ads are when you enter in multiple pieces to an ad, so the images, the headlines, the calls to action all get entered in and then Facebook mixes and matches them all. This gives you a bunch of different ads and then Facebook A/B tests the ads to find out which components work the best.

By the way, when we mention Facebook that pretty much covers Instagram too since Facebook owns Instagram and uses the same triggers to dictate who sees what ads on Instagram. You even manage them from the same location in Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Here are some key points for advertising on Adwords.

Because Adwords shows ads based on what someone is searching for, your ads will appear in front of the exact person who is actively searching for your help. As an example: Advertisers can advertise to people who are looking up websites or ad agencies.

Adwords, just like Facebook, let’s you build dynamic ads.

What we usually suggest is to run a mix of both because they serve different purposes. The Facebook ads expose you to people that may or may not know you or your product or services exist. It creates demand. Adwords capitalizes on demand that already exists. The person is already searching for you, you just need to make sure they can find you. And unless you rank #1 for all of your target keywords, the only way to guarantee that you appear is to run Adwords and pay to appear.

To sum it up, our business wouldn’t be where it is today without Facebook or Google ads. We hope you’ll try what we recommend above and let us know how it goes. If you need assistance then email me at

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