This week we are going to talk about why you should turn up the knob on your social ads.

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What is there to say about online advertising? Nowadays, just about anyone you would want to get your name to is online; ready to be shown ads and become a prospect for your business. But it’s a buffet. There are so many websites, so many platforms, and so many ways to advertise, but your plate can only get so full before it starts spilling over. So what do you do?

Many people turn immediately to Google Ads. You put in the keywords you want to target, wait for people to search them, and voila! Your ad appears in front of them.

But Google isn’t for everybody.

It’s great to do search ads if your business is something that people would search for but if it’s one of the many, many types of businesses that aren’t, then Google might not be right for you.
Depending on whether someone searches that list of keywords that you wrote up, you could be losing so many leads. Instead, you should spend your time and money focusing on social media advertising.

When we say social media advertising, what we mean is using the ad platforms on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Instead of waiting for someone to search for your services, you can specify demographic information and target people. Basically you can force your way into their eyeballs. Visitors to social media sites go there to be served content that interests them, and that spells opportunity for businesses that can make the right pitch.

Advertising on social media is a different game. You want to make ads that properly target groups of people on the site. You also have to create content for them that makes them want to engage as they’re scrolling by. Kind of like a billboard off the side of the road. People scroll by, they click, and then hopefully they do what the ad is calling them to do, starting a click funnel that will hopefully lead to you getting more sales. Here at Blue Fish, frankly, we think everybody should at least be doing a little social media advertising, and if you need help getting started, then let us know at and let’s get the ball rolling.

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