This week we are going to cover promotional products and their role in your marketing toolkit.

What’s up Fish Fans! My name is Marcus. You’re watching Marketing Madness, the Blue Fish vlog!

This week we have a special guest on the vlog. This is Chrissy Robinson. Chrissy owns Landshark Promotions. They are our go-to promotional products company. Now there are many different suppliers that you can use but we like Chrissy and her team because they go out of their way to get you the information you need. And they provide products really quickly.

Now I asked Chrissy to be on the Marketing Madness blog because I wanted to talk about the importance of Promotional Products and their place in your marketing toolkit.

Marcus: So hello Chrissy!

Chrissy: Hello Marcus!

Marcus: Now if you were meeting with a company that was not aware of Promotional Items what would you say to them about their role in their marketing toolkit?

Chrissy: Every business owner should be aware of the importance of using promotional items to increase brand awareness. Most promotional items are used for mass distribution to get a company’s logo or brand out to a large crowd at a low cost. Prices of the gift items are low but the impact is high to the recipients. And who doesn’t love receiving a gift?

Marcus: No, I agree. Now that isn’t the only tact though right? Here at Blue Fish when we sign a new client we make sure to send them some sweet Blue Fish swag like a Stainless Steel Tumbler (provided by Chrissy) or an awesome Blue Fish hat(also provided by Chrissy). So we go the route of higher dollar items because we want to make an impression. It is all part of our positioning as a high quality, attention to detail group to work with.

Chrissy: That’s right, less expensive promotional Items work like a business card but with better results. Think about when you give away a t-shirt or mug, a consumer might wear the T-shirt or sip from the coffee mug often. And every time they do they think of you. If you use higher dollar items it means they will associate that quality with your brand. Promotional giveaways help consumers remember & recognize your brand.

Marcus: So awesome, What else?

Chrissy: Branded items are great to include in your marketing mix. A cleverly drawn out marketing campaign using giveaway items will compliment other forms of marketing. Printed items bring instant brand recognition and expand your reach to a larger audience. They build a solid customer base and drive consumer loyalty.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week! I want to thank you for checking in. Make sure to hit that like button. And if you have any questions or comments leave them down below. If you want to talk about how Blue Fish can help you grow your business just send us a message and we’ll get the conversation started! And if you want to talk to LAndshark about how to get promotional items into your marketing toolkit, email Chrissy. Her email address: That’s right!