This week we are going to talk about OTT advertising.

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OTT, or Over the Top, advertising is about a decade old which makes it a newer method of advertising. An example of OTT ads would be the ads you see when you are streaming shows on Philo, Hulu, and similar apps.

It is estimated that over 200 Million people will use apps that allow for OTT ads this year. As an agency, Blue Fish is seeing this as an area of rapid growth for our clients. More and more viewers are embracing a cable-less life and who can blame them? I moved into a new apartment complex that provides free internet access to the 250 units. I would bet that most of the apartments in the complex do not subscribe to cable. I mean, would you rather pay over $100 for cable? Or $10 for Philo which includes all of the shows you want to watch and allows you to watch them anytime you want? The flexibility, price, and convenience of streaming tv content is the future and if our clients want to run commercials we feel this is a great option.

OTT advertising provides agencies with the ability to target specific audiences. In our experience, it is not quite to the level of targeting that social media platforms allow, but it is certainly better than tv. The biggest advantage OTT has over regular cable commercials is that OTT commercials cannot be fast-forwarded. The person watching has to sit through the commercial. This is at least a step in the right direction in the world of DVR. It is also fairly easy to run A/B testing of commercials to the same demographic, on the same program, to get an idea of what commercials perform best. At Blue Fish, we love data and OTT ads are going to give a lot better data for reporting purposes over their broadcast TV cousins.

Blue Fish is still bullish on social media as the platform of choice for reaching most audiences, but if the budget allows, we are big fans of OTT. So if you want help getting in front of your target demographic give us a call. We can help you with traditional media that complements your digital advertising.

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