This week we are going to talk about inbound marketing vs outbound marketing and why you want to focus more on inbound marketing.

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Today I want to help you begin to understand the differences between inbound vs outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing covers your more traditional methods of marketing. Activities like trade shows, TV and Radio Commercials, Print ads in magazines and papers, telemarketing, Direct Mail, Billboards, etc.

Inbound marketing is often referred to as Content Marketing. So this would cover blog posts, video posts like this one that you are watching, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, white papers, marketing automation, etc..

To make it clear, outbound marketing is often interrupting your audience to share your message. Inbound Marketing is something they are attracted to and seeking to engage with. Inbound marketing provides value and builds trust

If you are responsible for selling at a company, there is a huge difference between the two. Outbound activities are often approaching people that are cold. They may or may not know your product, service, or company. You are trying to influence them from a position of no leverage.

Inbound activities are going to generate warm leads because the person is familiar with your product, service, or company. They are actually taking steps to engage with your content. This makes selling to them a much more pleasant experience. It will also cost you 50-60% less. It does take a little longer to kick in but once it does it is magical.

There is a use for Outbound Marketing. It is not going to die anytime soon. But there are ways to ensure that you get the most bang for the buck. For instance, we’ve talked about TV advertising before and that if you want to run TV commercials then you might want to look at OTT since the viewer cannot fast forward through the commercial.

The purpose of any advertising activities is to feed leads into a sales funnel which is why advertising is an investment in future business development. If you would like to discuss your advertising needs or have another set of eyes take a look at your advertising strategy, just email me at

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