This week we are going to cover how to get engagement on Social Media.

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Recently I asked my friends on Facebook, shameless plug to go follow me there, what questions they wanted to have answered as part of our new year of Marketing Madness videos. One of the questions I received was from Bijan and he asked: “what are the most effective ways and methods to get engagement and not just views and likes”. And this is an excellent question.

So there are really two main forms of advertising. The first is brand awareness, this is when you are just trying to get your name into people’s minds. This is really worthwhile because if people do not know you exist then they cannot purchase from you. And they may not be in the market for your product or service. But if you have done your job with Brand Awareness then they will certainly remember you when they are in the market. The second is conversion advertising. This is when you make some offer that results in a conversion of some sort. This can be as simple as advertising for a free e-book and getting the person to give you their email address or it can be something more substantial like asking them to mention the ad and giving them $1000 off of a car.

I know Bijan sells used cars so let’s make this appropriate to his industry. There is a lot that he can do to build brand awareness. He also needs to figure out how to differentiate himself from the 30 other dealerships in the Mobile area that sell used cars. He could choose to work with people that are buying their first car. He could choose to work with folks that have credit problems and need help finding good financing. He could work with people that want to save money so they buy off-lease vehicles instead of new. He could even specialize in people that like Jeeps and want tricked out Jeeps to cruise to the beach or go 4 wheeling. It is important to note that setting yourself apart like this does not mean that you will alienate yourself from all other purchasers. It just means your advertising becomes much much stronger. If you are marketing tricked out jeeps then you can go after jeep enthusiasts, people that like the beach, outdoorsy people, etc etc.

This will all come in handy when he thinks about content to put on his Facebook page or Instagram account. Post video and photos of the latest vehicles. Or posting images of satisfied clients getting their new keys. And when he boosts his posts on Facebook or Instagram he will be able to use the above to target his audience by interest.

The other thing that most people don’t consider is copywriting. Copywriting is all of the words that you put in a post or ad. It is the thing that can make the biggest difference in how your advertising works. On Facebook and Instagram, you have the ability to upload an image, multiple images, or video. You create a headline and then a few rows of text that can support the headline. Grabbing someone’s attention with the image or video is extremely important. As people are scrolling through their feeds you also need words that are targeted and that will make them pause and read more. Most people do not focus enough time on this. Using Bijan as an example, if he is specializing in first-time car buyers then his images should be of younger people. Bonus points if they are clients that are being handed their keys. Then using headlines like:

  • We specialize in first-time car buyers
  • We are first-time car buyer specialists
  • We make buying your first car painless
  • Buy your first car from us and get a month of gas free
  • Buying your first car doesn’t have to be a pain

Note that I am using a lot of the same wording but moving the words around. Trying different options is important as you really do not know which of the 5 headlines I just gave you will end up converting the most viewers. This is called A/B testing which we should probably cover in a different video.

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What’s up Instagram family! This week on Marketing Madness, we are going to cover how to get engagement on Social Media. Head on over to our Facebook page to listen to this week's episode.