This week we are talking about what it takes to follow your passion.

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Following your passion is a big topic of discussion in today’s social society. The internet allows people to turn passions like blogging and video gaming into a reality. You can take just about anything and figure out a way to turn it into a living.
Buuuuut. There is one important skill you’ll need in order to make this happen….

That’s right, sales. Now there are some preconceived notions out there that sales are some sort of taboo or that it implies manipulating, pressuring, cajoling, you know: all the used car salesman stereotypes.
But if you think of selling as explaining the logical benefits of a decision, then everyone, business owner or not --- needs sales skills. Sales skills will help you convey to others that an idea makes sense, help investors understand why your business is logical, or to convince employers to hire you.
Sales skills are communication skills. If you want to follow your passion and make money at it, you’ll need to be able to effectively communicate your ideas so that they can be monetized. And trust me when I say, you’ll learn more about people and communication in sales than anywhere else. When following your passion, you’ll need to convince employees to come work for you, you'll need to win financing, bring in investors, line up distribution deals, and land customers. In the early stages of starting a company, everything you do is going to involve sales in some way. Understanding sales and the processes that come along with it is a skill set that will serve you for life. It is incredibly important, no matter the industry or career you choose. Spending time polishing up on your sales and communication skills will put you ahead in life and those grandiose dreams of doing what you love every day. So let's look at some of the things you’ll learn when polishing up on your sales skills:

You’ll learn self-confidence Being put in situations where you have to clearly communicate your position will give you a sense of accomplishment.

You’ll learn self-discipline.
Creating and following through on small disciplined processes will allow you to graduate to larger, more meaningful processes.
You’ll learn to negotiate.
In a sales situation, you’ll learn to listen, evaluate variables, identify pain points, overcome objections and reach an agreement so that both parties involved leave the negotiation table better off.
You’ll learn persistence.
Where there is a will, there is a way. Take the word no with a grain of salt. If I stopped at no every time I heard it, Blue Fish would have been out of business years ago! Persistence is a muscle. The more you work it, the harder it gets. You’ll learn to close.
Asking for what you want is extremely difficult for most people. However, to close a sale, you must ask

So if you are a would-be entrepreneur, sales are where I’d spend all my time. Sales is not a natural born ability. It is a skill. I repeat, sales is a skill. And the single most valuable skill that anyone can own. If you are watching this and you are struggling in business, in life, in anything I can trace it back to an inability to communicate your wants. Either to yourself or others.
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