This week we are going to talk about finishing this year strong.

What’s up Fish Fans! My name is Marcus. You’re watching Marketing Madness, the Blue Fish vlog!

It’s July, that means that we are half-way through the year. And I wanted to check in. We started this year with a video where I encouraged you to set some SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevan, and Time Bound. We also talked about Self Talk, the internal dialogue that we have in our own heads. I was encouraging you to retrain your brain and focus on self talk that helps you achieve your goals. And finally, we talked about education and focusing on self improvement.

So I want to tell you a little story about perseverance . A few months after moving to Lower Alabama I found out that the owner of a Christian Bookstore called A Joyful Noise wanted to sell the business. I had a dream of owning a bookstore that doubled as a coffee shop and music venue. So when I found this out I rushed to talk to her about purchasing the business. My inner being always wanted to be a business owner. I had spent a decade working in tech in DC and wanted something that impacted people’s loves in a positive way.

I bought the business for $90k. In 8 months I closed it. Now that might seem like a failure to you. If it does then you need to reshape your thinking. There were a number of lives that we impacted during that time. And there was a ton of education that I gained that became the foundation my business knowledge.

The key here is that I didn’t stop. I had a dream and I kept moving forward. I set goals and did not let the difficulties of my first business stop me from achieving my dream. If I am honest, if you have not had to correct your direction a few times, I question whether you are trying hard enough. Whether you are taking the appropriate amount of risks. So don’t be afraid of those moments when you have to recoup and pivot.

I know that a good percentage of you did not take the time to think through what your goals are. I would like to encourage you again to do so. There is no better time than today. The longer you wait to start achieving your dreams the further you are behind. Your dreams may be for freedom, to be able to travel or to have flexibility in your schedule. You may want more money, to be able to order appetizers and fancy coffee drinks without worrying how it will affect your budget. Or you may be dreaming of a healthier you, a fitter and more energetic version of yourself. You can have all of those things but it will take setting goals and starting to knock down the barriers that stand between you and achieving them.

If you have made it this far, I want you to send me your goals. I won’t share them with anyone without your permission, I pinky promise. I want to see how lofty they are. I had someone encourage me a few years ago to set higher goals and it changed my life. I would like to do the same for you.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week! I want to thank you for checking in. Make sure to hit that like button. And if you have any questions or comments leave them down below. If you want to talk about how Blue Fish can help you grow your business just send us a message and we’ll get the conversation started!