This week we are going to talk about Facebook ads vs Google ads & when to use either.

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We often get asked the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads and when to use them. The truth is, they have different purposes and so it is appropriate to use both when budget allows.

But when the budget does not allow we like to start with Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are better to start with because they allow you to force your way into someone's attention. With Google Ads, specifically Google Search Ads, the individual you wish to gain as a client has to take action by typing in the correct keywords that you are targeting. With Facebook Ads, you are in control because you get to specify the criteria by which you want to target people and Facebook allows you to pay to get in front of them.

For instance, if I am opening a new men’s boutique clothing shop then I have to specify the keywords that I want to purchase with Google. I may choose words like men’s clothing, men’s shoes, and men’s suits. I can specify a geographic area. I can even choose some other info like age range and gender. But if I neglect to purchase men’s socks as a keyword and that is what someone is typing in and looking for then I will not show up for their search results. With Facebook Ads, I just specify that I want to advertise to men between the ages of 30-40 in a specific geographic location that are interested in clothing brands similar to what I sell and Facebook will get me in front of their eyeballs. They will do everything in their power to make sure I get engagement with that audience as they want me to continue to spend money in their ecosystem.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads have their place, and when the budget allows, we ask for our clients to spend some money on both. If budget does not allow then we prefer to go after Facebook ads because we can control getting in front of the right demographic on Facebook. And when results matter we want to make sure we deliver.

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