RHEN: What’s up Fish Fans! This is Marcus, I’m Rhen, and you’re watching Marketing Madness: the Blue Fish weekly vlog! Our goal is to address common questions that business owners may have about marketing, advertising, sales and business in general.

MARCUS: With 2018 approaching quickly, it’s time to start thinking about what we want to accomplish in the new year. Goal setting is the most crucial element to fulfilling your dreams and accomplishing the things you desire most.

RHEN: That’s right guys. Today we are going to teach you how to set SMART Goals that will help you get anything that you want. Whether that’s to increase your sales, be a better public speaker, or even on a personal side like be a better parent. Setting proper goals will help you get to a better and more fulfilling place in your life.

MARCUS: Think about success in life or in business like cooking a huge dinner for your family. You have the roast, the sides, and all the fixings. Without a plan and some good recipes the outcome is a potential disaster. However, if you break things down into simple steps, you can deliver a dinner that will impress everyone. Life is no different. By creating a solid process with small attainable wins, you’ll be in a total different place by this time next year.

RHEN: First things first, get out a pen and paper and just start writing down everything you want from life: A better body, more money, a new girlfriend, or to improve your marriage, a new car, new house, a plane, just start writing. You’ll need to get to at least 20 here. Now that you have your list, circle the 10 most difficult things to accomplish. These will be our focus. Now let’s head over to the whiteboard to see exactly how we create the process that will help us accomplish anything that we want.

RHEN: Boom! That’s the perfect example of building a road map that will get you what you desire. Now let’s fine tune the process. Here at Blue Fish we have systems in place that help us out on projects. We are able to assign tasks to teammates with due dates and descriptions of what needs to be done. I use technology to help me stay on track. I have a personal tab or project on our CRM. Here I have this roadmap, along with many others, broken down into daily actions that will bring me closer to reaching my goals. I suggest that you use a similar process. Maybe you prefer a handwritten calendar, or the calendar app in your phone. You will need some way to keep the tasks in order and set reminders for yourself. By breaking everything down into smaller tasks and taking action each day, you’ll be consistently working towards that larger goal.

MARCUS: Accomplishing anything worth wild is going to take a massive amount of action and disciple. You will need to be relentless in your efforts to succeed. In order to succeed in anything, you are going to need a plan. Make sure you take the time to create your plan.

RHEN: Take a look at the person you are, and the person you want to be. Do you know the difference? I do, and it’s pretty simple. The difference comes from your decisions to take action, or not, to attain your goals everyday. A lot of people wonder what the first step towards their goals should be. For me, it starts with stopping. Stop making excuses for not aiming for your goals. Make a plan and execute on it.

MARCUS: You are equipped with everything you need to be or have whatever you want. If you aren’t there yet, all that is missing is the correct plan, some time, and a lot of hard work.

RHEN: That’s a wrap for this week Fish Fans. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or comments leave them down below. If you want to talk more about goals, slide me a DM and I’ll be happy to chat with anyone anytime.

MARCUS: Now go out and write some goals!