This week we are talking about celebrating your wins!
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I think all businesses should have at least a few goals they want to accomplish each year. We certainly had goals for what we wanted to accomplish last year. What we find often happens is that business owners get busy with their duties and kinda lose sight of what they accomplish, or fail to accomplish.

You might be thinking, “why do I care where I have been, I should only be worried about where I am going right?” and I would have to disagree with that sentiment. We believe that in order to get where you are going, you need to understand where you have been and what it took to get there. As well as understand your shortcomings, why you failed to meet certain goals, and how you can do better the following year to help reach those goals. And before we go much further, I want to state that there is nothing wrong with failing to achieve some of your goals. I think it is much worse to not set goals that it is to set them and miss the mark.
Let’s take a closer look at the 3 reasons why you need to celebrate:

When you accomplish something and celebrate, you are reinforcing your success. Celebrating your wins not only feels great physically, but it reinforces the behavior you want to show up when you are faced with a tough day or daunting challenge. This behavior will imprint on your mind and help you push through in the toughest of times.
If you fail to celebrate your wins, you are training your brain that what you are doing is not that important or exciting. If each day feels mundane and boring then you will eventually lose motivation, which will inevitably lead to lackluster results. To break it down for you, failure to celebrate the wins will lead to a feeling of emptiness and the sense of not having a purpose. This will lead you down a slippery slope and result in decreased performance and less focus over time.
You should look for ways to include colleagues and business partners in your celebration. Your own celebration is contagious and those around you want to share in your success. Last year, Blue Fish had an internal meeting where we wrote out all of the accomplishments of the year. I think all of us were surprised at what was written on the board. Sharing moments like this help everyone get motivated and moving in the same positive direction.

Businesses should celebrate their wins. A business’ celebration positions them as a winner and attracts more success. As you look to grow your business, celebratory events not only reinforce the positive aspects of what you are doing but, positions your business correctly as a desirable company with which others would like to associate.
So take an hour to just think over the last year. What were some of the things you accomplished? What were some of the things your business accomplished? Were there new skills that you learned? Revenue goals that were met? Did you win a big client that you have always wanted to work with?
All in all, celebrate your wins. This will build momentum and do tremendous things for you.
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