This week we are going to shed some light on your ad analytics.

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Last year, we released an episode called Understanding Your Ad Reports, and let you know what all those crazy terms actually mean inside of your advertising analytics. Please watch that video first as it will give you some good insight into the basics of what we’re talking about today. But what we didn’t tell you what the true meaning those numbers can have; what relationships they have. To truly understand what your ad campaigns are doing for you, you have to understand what the numbers are actually saying.

For instance, a lot of people latch on to the number of impressions that an ad gets. Why is that? Well, generally speaking, it’s the biggest number. It’s impressive. You can spend $500 and get tons, and tons of impressions fairly easily. But impressions by themselves are not a good measure of how your ad is doing. No action has been taken by the person viewing the ad. A single impression could simply be someone glossing over your ad content as they’re scrolling through trying to see something else. Even clicks by themselves don’t say much more than how many of those impressions bothered to take at least one action.

It’s the relationships between these numbers that matter most. For example, if you have a ton of impressions, but very few clicks (a metric described as click-through rate), it can mean your ad content isn’t very engaging. As it’s reaching eyes, but not getting people to take action.

You might also examine the relationships between clicks, bounce rate, and conversions. If people are clicking through to your site, but the bounce rate is 90%, it can mean that your site content doesn’t interest them. Or maybe the clicks are high, the bounce rate is low, but your conversion numbers are low, it can mean they weren’t interested in what they were offered once getting to your site. Maybe you need to check who you’re targeting, or if your product or service appeals to your demographic.

All of this is to say that these relationships can illustrate where people leave your sales funnel. No one step is more important than the other.

We hope this gives you some insight next time you get an ad report, but if you’re still having trouble, we would be more than happy to talk with you about your advertising. Just give us a shout at

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