Jeff Claeson and I started talking in 2009 about the possibility of creating a gallery that showcased sites created using ExpressionEngine. It is out of those conversations that Show-ee was birthed and launched in 2010. It was an exciting time.

When I went to work for EllisLab in 2011, I made a very difficult decision to give up my portion of Show-ee to Jeff. I did it because at the time I felt like any new ideas that I might have in showcasing ExpressionEngine should be brought to EllisLab (that was my job, after all). That was a really rough day and an extremely difficult email to send.

Fast forward to Dec 2013, I contacted Jeff last month and asked him if he had any plans for the site or if he would prefer to sell it. It has not been updated in a year and I know he cares about what happens to Show-ee, but I also know that it is more of a service to the community and client work was taking precedent. I doubt Jeff would've entertained such an offer from anyone else, but I think because of the history that he and I have with the site he entertained and accepted my offer. It is with great excitement that I announce that Blue Fish is now the owner of Show-ee. This is really, really exciting to me.

It's no secret that I love ExpressionEngine. I've always loved promoting what the community is doing as a whole. Show-ee has always been an extension of that. A way of giving back to a community and an eco-system that has allowed me to do things I never thought possible (so thanks!).

We have a ton of plans in store for the website. Keaton has already been mulling over an all new design. And Tad is chomping at the bit to code the whole thing up (responsive of course). We will also be updating the format so that the content makes sense with where ExpressionEngine is now. We will also be looking at how we can add additional content like showcasing / interviewing developers and studios that are committed to the ExpressionEngine community. Doing a more in-depth review of how websites have used ExpressionEngine in creative ways so we can all learn from one another. It is the sharing of ideas & information that I've always loved about this community and we intend on taking that into what we build for Show-ee version 2.0.

Thanks, and go sign up for advertising so I can afford to do all of these things :)