Its definitely been a whirlwind month, and to say that I’ve been hard at work wouldn’t do my time here at Blue Fish justice. When I’m not scanning in contracts, migrating content, or making coffee, I try and find some time to continue honing and developing my skills in design. Inspiration has been a vital tool in my growth and it’s definitely one of the ways I love to keep my inspiration fresh and continuous. Dribble is one of my favorite ways to see other designers hard at work. Here are 6 designers whom you may not know. I love their style.

Steven Parker is one of the guys who’s work I would love to see a whole lot more. Everything that he he’s shown has been incredibly clean. He’s the senior designer for Squarespace and is clearly an experienced designer who has had a lot of time to perfect his craft. The piece highlighted is an ad he did to promote the Squarespace meet up during SXSW 2011.

Arian Selimaj has an awesome grip on how to integrate his own style and feel to flat design. Not only are his pieces simple and effective, but everything he does is a visual adventure in itself. When I see anything he does, I can definitely tell it’s his work.

Claudio Cioba is a creative who works incredibly well inside of boxes. That’s right, I said inside. A specialist in interface design, Cioba’s specializes in spicing up the practical. Sometimes you forget that he is displaying data because of how beautiful everything he touches is. Cioba has the amazing talent of bringing the ordinary to life.

Allan Grinshtein has a very vibrant feel to everything he does. Without seeming childish, he creates art within every single page. A natural illustrator, Grinshtein clearly has a knack for icons and badges. His work on the web follows suit, you can help but feel like you’re in the world of a master illustrator whenever you browse his work.

Heath Waller is without a doubt one of my favorite designers right now. She is incredibly gifted designer who has a lot of work displayed on Dribble. Classy is the best word to describe her work. Anything she produces has the polished tendencies of a designer who’s found what really works. Waller consistently inspires me with her use of white space. Her pages are simple, full and spacious all at the same time. She’s awesome, give her a look.

Mike Precious is the definition of a pro. His designs are polished and they exude the confidence of a designer who’s good at what he does and knows it. If he hasn’t he probably could write a book on effective web-design. He knows how to use colors, patterns, and every inch of space he’s afforded. His stuff is killer.