I'm really pleased to announce that Blue Fish will be sponsoring this year's ExpressionEngine conference in Portland. We are thankful that Brad and the team from Giles-Parscale have decided to continue the tradition of holding this annual conference. In years' past it has been a chance to catch up with friends in the community, network a bit and learn a thing or two. This year's conference looks like it will be jam packed with good sessions. The hard part will be deciding which ones to attend.

I'm particularly excited as this year is the first year that I have been asked to present. I'll be speaking about selling ExpressionEngine with a focus on how to handle customers that may be familiar with other CMSs but not EE.

If you are a member of the ExpressionEngine community I would highly recommend you take this chance to put your money where your mouth is. The cost of sponsorship is not terribly high. And it is a chance to give back to this community in a way that is tangible.

If you are new to our community then I would highly suggest attending the conference. There is nowhere you can go to get this kind of info in such a short period of time. It will cover everything from how to live a better - less stressful life, how to conduct your business in a professional manner and (if you are so inclined) how to write better code. The EllisLab folks will be there talking about ExpressionEngine and there are a whole host of other reasons you will want to be there.

Don't miss it.