We’ve been too businessy lately so we decided to break up the string of techy posts with some fun. So in this post we will be talking about our favorite adult beverages.

Marcus Neto

I have to admit I am reacquainting myself with Beer. For the last couple of years I have been trying to figure out what was wrong with me (short answer is "a lot") because I was not a fan of beer. I actually preferred high end tequilas (Don Julio and Riazul) and bourbon (Buffalo Trace and George T Stagg), over beer. I've recently started using Untappd and it is helping me discern my taste in beer. I go to Publix or World Market and buy a 6 pack with 6 different types of new-to-me beer and try to narrow down which ones I like best. I've gotten some where I took one sip and spit it out and threw the rest of the bottle away (I'm looking at you Leffe Blonde. Yech!). Then there are some where I am really surprised at how good they are. I have found that I am not a fan of hoppy beers... at all. I'm a Lager kind of guy (don’t judge me). Anyway, here are my three:

Guinness Black Lager

I am really digging this new brew from Guiness. It is a little darker than your average Lager but it is still crisp and easy to drink. And unlike other Guiness beers you don't need a steak knife and fork to drink it.

Kirin Pale Lager

What can I say. I like asian cuisine. Give me some General Tsao's, Pad Thai, or Pho and I am a happy dude. I love Kirin. I will admit that Sapporo is another favorite but I am only allowed to talk about 3 here so...

Long Board Island Lager

I was kind of surprised by this one. It was an experiment and it passed. I got it as part of one of those make-your-own six packs. It has a light, fresh taste. I think it goes really well with grilled chicken or tacos.

Tad Ward

I always find it hard to narrow it down to just three. I usually drink certain beers based on time of year, season, and what mood I'm in. I tend to drink darker beers, stouts, and spicy brews in the fall/winter and switch to hoppier beers in Spring/Summer. Below is the list of my current 3 favorites:

Sweetwater Brewing IPA

This is my favorite IPA for sure. The hops flavor on this one makes you feel like your sucking on the hops themselves and I totally dig that. This is a great summer beer for me and goes well with spicy, grilled wings.

Duclaw Brewing Company - Sweet Baby Jesus!

Besides having an awesome name, this beer is awesome! It’s definitely a beer that I have to really be in the mood for. This would be a fall/winter beer for me. I just love a beer that you can't see thru because it’s so dark. I'm usually not a dessert and beer guy, but this one has hints of chocolate and peanut butter flavors and goes well with a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Sam Adams Winter Lager

This is my goto Christmas brew. I always have a sixer of this in the fridge at Christmas. The spiciness of it is just right for the holiday season. It definitely 'warms' you up.

Keaton Taylor

It’s hard to narrow down a few beers I love, mostly because I just love beer. From a good session lager like Coors Banquet to a one of my fancy glasses of Chimay Blue, the general consensus in my belly is that beer is good. I do have a few choice favorite kinds of beer though, Bourbon barrel aged anything is always good, a good vanilla porter drives me nuts and my wife's contemptuous statement last weekend was "It's always Barleywines with this guy," which is mostly true. All that said, here are some recent favorites:

New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA

I don’t like super hoppy beers. In fact I think most IPA’s taste like pine needles ( I know you tried them when you were a kid ) and I’m generally turned off by that taste. Rampant has a great flavor and a high alcohol content for keeping warm on cool autumn evenings.

Stone Brewing Co. Old Guardian Barleywine

I love barleywines. They are by far my most favorite beers. This one is really good, unfiltered and bottle conditioned. This one is very sweet but a nice hop taste on the front really works well with the blast of spice and malt on the back. It’s complex and crazy good.

Rogue Ales XS Old Crustacean Barleywine (2011)

This one is an all time favorite. I cracked this bottle on my 31st birthday and it was incredible. If you’re so inclined to drop ~$18 on a single bottle of beer - this is the one. It’s happiness fades with age and you get this beautiful red-brown monster that’s as complex as a wine and tastes twice as good. Find one of these as soon as you can.

So there you go. If you are in need of some good brew or you want to bribe one of us you have some ammunition here. if you want more info follow us on Untappd (Marcus, Tad, and Keaton). As always, if we can help with your Digital Marketing just drop us a line