​​Over the last couple of years I have collected quite a number of websites that use ExpressionEngine. Some of these have been showcased on either Show-ee or on the ExpressionEngine site but a majority of them have not. I just validated them using the Builtwith extension for Chrome so as of today they are using EE but that can change. Anyway, here are links to 30 websites that use ExpressionEngine. Next time a prospect asks for some sample sites of who is using EE you can reference this.

Everyone from the State Department Blog to the Democratic National Committee.

Fortune 5 companies like GE's Healthcare Division

Higher Education likes ExpressionEngine as well as evidenced by it's usage by Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, University of Florida's Student Affairs and University of Miami.

Both Musicians like Leona Lewis and Music Companies like BMI love ExpressionEngine and even Australia's Division of Warner Brothers uses EE

Tech companies like Omnigroup (makers of the most awesome to-do app ever - Omnifocus), Canon, OpenDNS, and my buddy Ian's Help Desk software Helpspot.

Travel and Tourism Boards use it to promote their regional areas like Jacksonville and Jackson Hole.

Power companies like EE as well. UTC used ExpressionEngine and so did North Light.

Very serious sites like ABA Journal use EE.

Less serious sites that cater to the Bro humor use EE to feed their sites to millions of users per month like TCMag and BroBible.

Everyone's favorite comedian uses EE as well.

You can use ExpressionEngine to order up a RAD guitar from Fender or Ovation

The awesome car magazine Motor Week uses EE and so does car tire manufacturer Yokohama

Whenever I visit this site I lust over the bikes... Mario Cipollini's bikes

I prefer TEQUILA but in a pinch Vodka will do. This site for Ultimate Vodka is done in EE

Large Multi Language news organizations like Hispanically Speaking News and Zocalo Saltillo feed hundreds of thousands of pages of content.

After reading this far you are probably hungry so go grab a Clif Bar as they use EE as well

And last but not least... Even Nuns use ExpressionEngine