September 18, 2012

ExpressionEngine Demo

by Marcus Neto

​I've had a number of folks ask for some pointers on demoing ExpressionEngine lately. While I was working as the resident demo person at EL I probably demo'd EE close to 100 times. I enjoyed sharing what I loved about this system with others. My hope is that this video shares a bit of that with you. This was done in 1 take on the first try and I have not given a demo in a month.

Some additional pointers:

  • Make sure to clear your browser cache prior to a demo.
  • Make sure to use WAMP or MAMP as the last thing you want to do is host it on a server somewhere and have to transmit audio and video on your slow DSL line and still be able to access the demo site. WAMP/MAMP will take the demo site out of the DSL equation.
  • Make sure you are using an actual demo site. Do not use a customer's site. You are inviting Murphy's Law into the mix if you start to use customer's sites as examples.
  • Try and elevate the discussion away from a prospect's specific requirements and more to the capabilities and functionality in general.
  • Practice your demo. The first 6-10 are going to be rough. You need to be able to be thrown a curve ball and recover without missing a step.
  • When giving demos make sure that you use a quality headset or a mic and headphones. Nothing kills the mood faster than an echoey sound or reverb.
  • If possible hide your desktop. If you are on a Mac you can use Backdrop which is available in the Mac App Store.
  • At EllisLab we had an account with GoToMeeting. I found it to be a reliable experience. Make sure to test the screen sharing app prior to your first demo to make sure that it won't fail

I do hope that this helps. If I can answer any additional question just let me know.

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