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Blue Fish is an interactive design studio based on the Gulf Coast near Mobile, Alabama. We've been crafting pixels (designing websites) and slinging code (building websites) since 2003 for companies all over the world. We don't just style web pages, we custom fit digital brands and build dynamic web sites to the specific needs of every one of our customers. I think you'll find we are a passionate bunch that takes the craft of building an online presence for our clients seriously.

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I noticed that in the last year, 100% of the new visitors that I have met personally have found our church through a web search. Typically it's a family that has recently moved into the area for various reasons like a job transfer. They searched for local churches in the area with our site ranking at the top of the results (at the moment in the number one spot). After viewing the site, they decide this is where they want to visit.

Danny Bonsell, Worship Pastor, Westhills Community Church

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