RHEN: What’s up Fish Fans! This is Marcus, I’m Rhen, and you are watching Marketing Madness. The Blue Fish weekly vlog; each episode our aim is to bring you guys pure marketing value. During our day to day at Blue Fish, we find that our clients have questions, or don't understand certain things in the marketing and advertising space. So we do our best to address these common questions here. 

MARCUS: This week we showing you to to use SEO Data to improve your Social Media Strategy. We’ve noticed a lot of people don’t connect the dots between Social and SEO, especially when in planning mode. Everyone should know by now that a good social strategy is uber important for businesses. It can help with brand perception, voice, and your appeal to the demo, resulting with increased revenue. There are several fundamentals that help push the needle. Today’s focus, SEO, is rarely considered. 

RHEN: What  you need to understand is that Social Media and SEO are closely tied to each other. Considering SEO data will help in your efforts when targeting particular groups of people. Understanding how they search for things, what keywords they are using, and what sites they are surfing around on will only help you narrow down your specific demographic audience. Sit back, grab a pen and paper and get ready as we dig into the nuts and bolts of SEO.

MARCUS: Using monitoring tools like Google Alerts, Social Mention, Talkwalker Alerts and a host of other options can help you know what people are saying about your products or brand. This will also help you understand how to position yourself better on social platforms. 

RHEN: It’s important to determine the most frequent search queries related to your product, service or niche. This data helps interpret the social community’s thought patterns around your offerings. Often, the best insights come from overall discussion about your niche. In other words, search or monitor keywords you want to target in organic and paid search and use them to track social media awareness. 

MARCUS: As soon as you discover these keywords, you can set alerts or manually do a daily search on various social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on…. Your social media success will often depend on what’s popular right now! Take advantage of current events or hot topics in your community. 

RHEN: Make sure to study your competition. Collecting insights from their campaigns can help you when crafting your own. By analyzing how your product or brand ranks in your niche, this will help you set goals with your own social media campaign. 

MARCUS: Use competition research tools like Raven or SEM Rush. They will help you find the best competitors content and where it is getting shared the most. Understanding this data will help you make better decisions within your own campaign, helping you improve your content strategy and your social game. 

RHEN: The more competitor insights you gain by learning your industry leaders, you better position yourself to improve your customer responsiveness and brand’s visibility online.

MARCUS: Google is making a lot of its data available to marketers: Google Trends, Trends for websites, Insights for search, and some others…. Before generating your strategy, make sure to check out the latest trends and popular topics. It is often a good idea to piggyback off of hot items in market. 

For example, if your online store sells t-shirts, you can determine how to present these, or even what types of shirts to promote during a particular period of time. Let’s say it is Mardi Gras, you can see what words are trending around this topic and create ads that mimic these “buzz words” or “events”. 

RHEN: The bottom line? Using SEO data can help you determine what topics are hot on social media, and are a great start for conversation around your brand. Pay attention to what is working well and what isn’t. Leverage this information to help increase the distribution of your content. Remember: knowledge is power. 

RHEN: Alright Blue Crew, thanks for your attention this week. As always, if you have anything you want us to cover just slide that to us in a DM, or comment below. We appreciate any feedback you’d like to leave as well.
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MARCUS: See you next week everyone! :) 

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