RHEN: Welcome back Fish Fans, this is Marketing Madness. I’m Rhen, this is Marcus and today we are talking about Facebook Ads. 

MARCUS: Many of you have discovered the raw power of the Facebook Ad platform. Whether you're a small or large business, Facebook Ads have great advantages over traditional ad mediums. We wanted to share some best practices and some things you may be doing incorrectly. 

RHEN: So, you may be thinking “How can I do Facebook Ads wrong? All you have to do is click the boost button, select your budget and get MONEY.”  This is a blunt approach to using a tool that can target an audience with surgical precision.

MARCUS: Like Rhen said, you generally do not want to just simply “Boost a post”. There are certainly those rare occasions where this is applicable, but most of the time you’ll want to run your ads from Ad Manager. We recognize the term “ad manager” may even be foreign to a few of you. Don’t be intimidated just yet, we’re here to help you all out:  

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RHEN: Together let’s take a look at the ad manager, and how to get there. First you will need to log into your personal Facebook account via a desktop browser. Next, navigate to the top right corner of the Facebook website,and click this down arrow. Now you will select the Create Ads option on the drop down. Once you navigate here, select your objective. 

MARCUS: At this point, you will need to make some decisions. Considering your objective, you can select a campaign that is inline with your overall goals. As you can see, there are several options for each of the three categories: awareness, consideration, or conversion. 

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RHEN: Now that you have determined your goals, you’ll move on to selecting your audience, placements, budgets, and the schedule on which you’ll run your ad. 

MARCUS: Up next is the creative side of the ad. This is equally as important as the placement and audience. You can get your ad in front of the right demographic all day, but if the creative aspect isn’t attracting them, they will ignore your ad, and you’ll be throwing money out the window. 

RHEN: The most important factors that Facebook considers are the copy, image, video, and canvas. Make sure your ad fits inside Facebook's creative dimension guide lines. These can be found by searching google for “Facebook Ads Dimensions” in Google and clicking on the images tab. 

MARCUS: Just a few weeks ago we did an entire show on copy, and being creative, you may want to revisit that episode before creating your ad. This is definitely an area that you do not want to sail over. It is easy to spend a lot of time and money creating awesome imagery and then be tempted to not spend the proper amount of time and money coming up with something compelling in your copy. Once the creative catches the eye of your audience, the copy is the next thing they processes and that copy will determine how relevant the ads are and if they will make the choice to click your ad, or keep scrolling. Each part carries it’s own weight, and none are to be ignored or used flippantly. 

RHEN: So that is your 30,000 foot view of Facebook Ads, and the basics of doing them the correctly. 

RHEN: That a wrap for this week Fish Fans. Thank you so much for tuning in every Monday. If you are one Facebook please like, and share this with someone who could benefit. If you are watching on Youtube go ahead and subscribe to stay up to date with each new upload. 

MARCUS: And remember if you have anything you’d like us to discuss, the best way is to comment over on Facebook. We are always happy to answer any questions you have guys. Until next time!