Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is more than just mail order and telephone sales. The new methods involve social media, writing compelling content, drip marketing campaigns, marketing automation funnels, and trying to increase engagement with your audience. If you’re like many organizations, you are doing your best to increase your effectiveness online. But with all of the various pieces at play I’m guessing that you don’t have confidence in your strategy, and you wonder how effective you really are.

You need better metrics to help you understand your overall effectiveness.

One of the things we really love about digital is the way it can be measured. Whether you use a tool like Google Analytics for tracking the visitors on your site, or a more robust tool which brings in all of your website traffic, site performance, site audits, backlink tracking, keyword ranking, and other various performance metrics. We can help you cut through the complexities, and focus in on the things that are going to get you better results.

Website Content Ideas - Screenshot of old Blue Fish site

You need content ideas that make sense and will actually engage with your audience.

It has been written in millions of articles all over the web. Content is King. But what does that actually mean? And what do you do when the ideas for content stop flowing? Does your content address issues pertinent to your clients? Is it written for humans? These are all questions we can help answer. Plus we can use our creative forces to help you come up with ideas on what to write. And, using the analytics we put in place, we can tell you exactly what is resonating with your visitors so you can write more of the type of content they are engaging with.

You need to learn how to convert more effectively on Social Media.

Did you know Facebook has an algorithm? They use it to determine whether your business' updates will show up in subscribers news feeds. Chances are they updated it last week. How do you build your brand on social media, maintaining effectiveness and engaging with your audience in spite of a target that keeps moving?

We keep our ears to the ground so you don't have to.

You need more compelling email newsletters that spur action with your audience.

Email is still the #1 place to go if you are trying to get someone's attention. I know I know... Many of you will say that you hate getting email. The truth is that you just hate email that sucks. Email that does not add value is a quick way to spike, what we call in the industry, "The Unsubscribes". We can help transform your email into something that adds value to your audience.

Or take your email marketing to the next level with a Drip Campaign or Marketing Automation

People are getting more and more protective of their email address. Why should they trust you with their email address? What is in it for them? How do they know you are going to bring them any real value? We can kick your email strategy up a notch and help set up a Drip Marketing Campaign or a Marketing Automation sequence. These are powerful tools that can help sell your business while you sleep. They learn from your subscribers' behavior so you are providing content that your audience really wants.

Lewis and Jurnovoy - Bankruptcy Law

We helped Lewis and Jurnovoy rank for their targeted keywords.

When Martin, one of the firm's partners, contact us for help with their digital marketing their site was not working well for them at all. They did not even show up when searching for their targeted keywords. The site was not working for them. Our first step was to redo the site because the site is the foundation. We made sure to build in plenty of conversion points, including a lead magnet. We also worked with them to build a larger list of targeted keywords. We scoured the internet for listings that had incorrect information and within a couple of weeks they ranked on the first page results for their initial list of targeted keywords.

How it Works

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