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How to Keep Google Local SEO Rankings when you move locations

As a Local SEO Professional, the last thing I want to hear after working with a client to get their local business ranking, is that they are moving! In fact, it is the one thing that makes me cringe the most!

There are a ton of mistakes that can be made during this process. I’ve put together this step-by-step guide in the hope that you can avoid losing any of your traction.

Tips for Small Business on Facebook

Got a Facebook Page for your business? You better! The book of Faces is the largest social platform today! How about this for cool facts, the average person is said to open the Facebook App from a Mobile Device 17x’s per day! Sounds crazy.

So I tested it myself. In one day (disclaimer: social media is a part of my job) I opened the app 67 times. That’s an average of 2.79 times an hour for 24 hours When broken down like that is seems likely right?

Taking those staggering stats into account it seems Facebook is the spot to be for businesses. Facebook, when worked correctly, can be an extremely powerful tool.

10 Free Google Tools Every Business Owner Should Know

It goes without saying that if you own a business you should own a website. And if you own a website, the acronym SEO should definitely be on your radar.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is the process of ranking your website within a search engine in an effort to get more traffic, and in turn sell more product or services. Whether you are an online entrepreneur or a brick and mortar store, everyone should at least have a basic understanding of what SEO is.

In this blog post, I will share 10 FREE tools that Google offers that can give you a leg up on your SEO Campaigns. The tools discussed here are not the popular ones like; Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, or the Search Console. Nope, none of them. Here we will talk about some not so well known tools that can give you a great advantage if used effectively.

How to Write Better RFPs

We recently received an RFP from an organization. I won’t bother naming names because their RFP is not unique in what needs to be discussed. And to be quite honest, I am just happy to have received the RFP. You never know, every once in awhile the RFP is actually worth responding to. But…

10 Things Every ExpressionEngine Developer Should Know

“Do they know what they are talking about?”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a plumber, surgeon or web developer - if you’re looking to farm out some work the first thing you worry about is finding someone who knows how to do the job.

Checking referrals can help by hearing what past customers have to say. Googling them can help - are they asking or answering more questions online? An in-person interview can help - do they seem confident in their abilities?

But what if they just talk a good game?