There's a time to be humble. This is not that time. We are ExpressionEngine Developer 6th degree Black Belts. Even Chuck Norris is envious. Over the past decade we’ve built hundreds of sites using ExpressionEngine.

Blue Fish standardized on ExpressionEngine in 2007 and never looked back. Our Creative Director was the Product Evangelist at EllisLab from 2011-2012. He was responsible for outreach and building community. He's spoken at conferences, and shared ExpressionEngine with thousands of people. 

As an agency, we've built 100s of websites on ExpressionEngine, and love it as a platform. It provides an easy to use platform for our clients that uses the same workflow for all of the content they need to add to their site. It follows a Create Once Publish Everywhere kind of model that gives us the flexibility we crave. We love ExpressionEngine so much, we created the Official Showcase site for it called Show-ee. Looking for a demo? We did that too!

What has your ExpressionEngine developer done?

Seriously, just use the contact form below to send us an email. We'll show you how ExpressionEngine is done.

Sites that are easy to update

We build our ExpressionEngine sites so that non-technical users find them simple to use. No more fighting to format content in the CMS. We take your requirements, and build out a site that fits you like a glove.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Unlike a lot of ExpressionEngine shops, we like it when our clients stick around. We want to help you achieve your business goals and that takes time. We want to go steady with you.

Business Focused

While we are Pros at ExpressionEngine, we are also adept at solving problems. Many websites lack focus. We will listen to your business goals, and craft a website to help take you there.

Create Once Publish Everywhere

We'll use ExpressionEngine's multi-channel capabilities to give you a system that allows for structured content. This will allow us to reuse the content as building blocks in areas of the site where it repeats. 

Blue Fish worked with us to resolve some performance issues and legacy browser support on our website. During the process they also made some design updates that increased the usability of the site for visitors using mobile devices, as well as making site administration more efficient.

John Peterson // Director // BAPCo

So, enough about us… we want to hear about you.

  • Do you need ExpressionEngine updated to the latest build?
  • Do you need a new site built from scratch including branding and design?
  • Are you tired of fighting with your existing site and want to migrate to a more stable platform?
  • Do you need some cobwebs blown off of your ExpressionEngine install?

Then send us a quick email with some basic information.

If you’d like to kick the tires on Blue Fish a little bit, then take a look at what we’ve written, and given to the community. We think you’ll like what you find.