We speak programmer.

Front End Development, iOS Development, Web Apps, Android Development, Laravel, Node.js, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Swift... Oh My! If you are not well versed in the various technologies/languages available to you it is really easy to get turned around and spend a lot of time and money heading in a direction that may not be the most bang for the buck. We can help guide you through the process. We can also educate you on how to iteratively execute the project in phases so you can get to market faster.

Responsive Website Development

There are 20+ different screen sizes just for Apple's products. Back in the day we used to code websites using the HTML equivalent of an Excel spreadsheet. Now we build websites using code that basically gives the website some rules to live by and then allows the site to fill in the gaps. So whether the site is being visited by someone on an iPhone 5s, or a fancy new 4k monitor, you want it to look good and perform. We have you covered!

Desktop rendering of website for Westfalia Technologies Mobile rendering of website for Westfalia Technologies
Screenshot of ExpressionEngine Control Panel

Websites that are easy to manage

You probably don't want to edit your new website using HTML. Content Management Systems allow you to easily edit your website with no more experience than editing a Word document. We are partial to ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS because they are the easiest for our clients to use. Plus they have focused on making their systems really secure which means your site won't be taken offline by some teenage hacker halfway across the world.

Powerful Web Applications

Sometimes you can buy off the rack and sometimes you need a custom suit. Well the same goes for Web Applications. Sometimes you can find something that provides you with the functionality you need with minimal cusomization and othertimes you need someone to help you define requirements and quickly develop the system to your needs. We are fluent in Laravel and numerous javascript libraries that when combined can build extremely powerful systems. API Integration? Custom shopping carts? Integrations with outside systems? We can do it.

Screenshot of Weather app built for AMG Parade
Screenshot for Ebooks are Forever

We created a custom shopping cart for an indie ebook seller.

August, from ebooksareforever.com contacted us with a problem. He needed a shopping cart that would allow users to add hundreds of items to a cart by clicking a single button. His current solution, a woocommerce cart, was failing with the amount of products. We created a custom Laravel cart that works seamlessly when adding hundreds of products to the cart and handles all of his backend processing as well.

Problem Solvers for Hire!

We love a good problem to solve and we'd love to solve one for you. We're psyched to work on projects with folks who are passionate and excited. We'll give every one of your projects 100% every single time. That means our designer will do research and find out what the best possible solutions to your design problems are, our developer will do everything in his power to make your product fully scalable from mobile to desktop and back again, and our leadership will be available to answer questions and give updates with little delay. We're small, we're agile and we're ready to do work.

Are you in?