Conversion Focused Design

Our results-driven focus extends to our design. Design can be heavily subjective, but our process relies heavily on data to remove some of that subjectivity. While you are walking through our design process we will be focused on creating conversion points that take a casual visitor and makes them into someone engaging with your brand. Websites should be attractive, but they should also be a 24/7 salesperson for your business.

Branding & Identity

There are lots of things to take into consideration when building the identity for your business. Consistency is key so identity should extend beyond the logo the company uses. The psychology of color, typography choices and where the branding will be used all come into play. Are you going to use it on promotional products, a website, marketing materials, letterhead, etc? We can help guide you through the things you might need to consider when branding your baby... er... company.

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  • Handsraised - Websites as a Service for Churches

More than a decade of experience in making custom websites

Websites designed by Blue Fish

We do our Research

If your website has a community the very first thing we’ll do is put together a short survey to capture how they use the site.

The answers we get back from the survey will heavily influence the importance of specific functionality on the site.

If there is no community but there is a target audience then we will use our conversion knowledge to put together a plan on how to increase engagement and conversion.

We survey existing users to find out what is important

Mapping out a User's Path

For most sites a User Flow is a sitemap of content. This allows us to see the various sections an the content needed, and gives us an outline of what content and web page design is needed.

User flow for a website

Planning page layout

Wireframes are a low-fi way of planning page layout for some of the more important pages on the site. We’ll oftentimes start by wireframing the homepage, product/service page, the navigation and a blog/news page. From the wireframe you’ll have a better understanding of the page layout and how the site is going to look.


This is the phase where you really begin to understand the final look of the site. This is where we add textures, colors, fonts, images, icons and the rest of what makes a site pleasing to look at.


We are masters at the development process. Want to learn more? Head on over to that page.

We created a new identity and designed a new website for West Hills Community Church

When Danny, from West Hills, first contacted us they were using a generic theme for their Mambo driven website. Through our work we helped them solidify their positioning (yes, even churches need to position themselves), create a new identity, and design a new website that uses ExpressionEngine. We've since redesigned their site to further dial in on functionality and information that their community wants. After polling several new member classes on how people were learning about the church Danny is a raving fan of Blue Fish!

Screenshot of West Hills Community Church website

We are Problem Solvers for Hire!

We love a good problem to solve and we'd love to solve one for you. We're psyched to work on projects with folks who are passionate and excited. We'll give every one of your projects 100% every single time. That means our designer will do research and find out what the best possible solutions to your design problems are, our developer will do everything in his power to make your product fully scalable from mobile to desktop and back again, and our leadership will be available to answer questions and give updates with little delay. We're small, we're agile and we're ready to do work.

Are you in?