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Double Your Freelancing Conference

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling back to Virginia for a conference. Brennan Dunn has a product line entitled Double Your Freelancing ______ where _____ is replaced with words like Rate, Clients, etc. Well, this conference is called Double Your Freelancing Conference. In reality the talks were focused on Agency and Online Business Owners and helping them figure out how to be better at what they do. How to set up their businesses to succeed. What follows here is a recap. It is as much for my historical reference as anything, but if you find some usefulness from it then it is a Win-Win.

Redbooth Webinar

Today I had the pleasure of presenting Redbooth to over 130 attendees as part of a new webinar series that Redbooth is doing. Redbooth saw (from previous conversations) how we were using their product and decided that they wanted to create a way to disseminate the Task List Templates that we had created. So this webinar was a chance for me to share how we use Redbooth to manage our Workflow and also explain the Task List Templates we created that folks were going to have access to.

Social Media Poachers

Recently, I had a client come to me with a very poorly put together folder of information from another “SEO” company that I had never heard of. Apparently they were trying to convince my client that the website that we had just completed for them was in dire need of updating. They also were making a grab at maintenance of the new website, SEO, and social media management. After I got over my anger at their ignorance I realized that there was a lot I could learn from their proposal. Yes it was not the greatest of proposals from an elegance standpoint but their offerings were something I needed to see as they were productized. It made it simple for the client to understand what they were offering.

10+ Requirements for an Awesome Realtor Website

Ok, so I have some insight into this market because I have a wife that has been a Realtor for close to 10 years. In that time she has had a good website for exactly 0 years. Don’t judge me. Have you ever tried to work with your spouse?

That said I think I have a pretty good grasp of what it takes to make a really great website for Realtors. Especially after using the absolutely-horrendous-to-manage website that she just got from a not-to-be-named-company that uses WordPress in horrible ways.

Create Once Publish Everywhere (with ExpressionEngine)

Waaaay back in 2013 I wrote a blog post about whether ExpressionEngine was an Enterprise CMS or not (of course it is!). In that article I wrote: