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10 Ways a Website Builds Trust that Leads to Conversions

Sales guru Zig Ziglar once said that there are only 4 reasons why people won’t buy from you. No need, no money, not in a hurry, no trust.

I think it is safe to say that if your potential customers do not trust you and your business, they will be reluctant to buy from you. All of your marketing materials play into that. Your logo, business cards, website, storefront, and more. Heck, even your personal appearance once they meet you face to face influences whether they will trust you or not. So much plays into the decision they will make about whether or not to do business with you.

Marketing Automation

Recently we have been getting quite a bit of questions about Marketing Automation. Many organizations are looking at increasing their effectiveness in marketing, and one way of doing that is to use Marketing Automation. In this blog post we’ll introduce this concept and give some examples of how you might apply it.

BFDS Announces the Launch of New Website Design for Prodisee Pantry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—June 30, 2015 (Mobile, Alabama)—Blue Fish Design Studio is excited to announce the launch of their newly designed website for the local community ministry, Prodisee Pantry. The new website was designed with users of all ages in mind to easily showcase the efforts that the Pantry provides to the community, through videos, news posts and events, campaign information, donation links, photos and much more!

We’ve Moved!

Over the last year we have been looking for space for our growing team (we are up to 6 people now!). After much searching we finally found the perfect space in Downtown Mobile on Dauphin Street. We are excited about the opportunities that this affords us to entertain and hold client meetings. We are now located at 412 Dauphin, #CC, so come say hi!

New Business Community Website Launches for Mobile, Alabama

The past two weeks have been interesting here at Blue Fish HQ. Last week we launched a new online destination for Mobile Alabama. Our desire, as a team, is to build an online community for Mobile Area business owners and entrepreneurs that creatively showcases their businesses and shares information to help business owners.