BAPCo may not be a name you’ve heard before but you have most certainly heard of their members. BAPCo is a non-profit consortium made up of companies like Dell, Intel, Acer, HP, Sony and more. Their software is responsible for purchasing decisions around the world as they provide unbiased performance data that shows how various computer configurations compare against each other.

What client asked for

BAPCo initially came to Blue Fish in 2012 to make their website responsive for mobile and smaller screens. However, along the way, we made quite a few updates to the site's design. A total redesign wasn’t warranted, but when retrofitting for screen agnosticism there are certain constraints. In order to fit the needs of the user and compensate for the site’s responsiveness, we needed to update the site a bit.

BAPCo needed a site that looked great, navigated easily and worked consistently regardless of the user’s device. The only hang-up we had on the site was the Results page. After countless hours and an unending supply of Grande Americanos, we were still unable to figure out a way to display such a vast amount of information on a small screen. 

  • Website Design
  • Development
  • ExpressionEngine
  • App Design

What we delivered

Recently BAPCo came back to us with an idea (which we love). Let’s create a database and store ALL the Results data in it. Previous discussions had dictated that all data would be best served in its own database, so that’s what we did. Using Laravel and Backbone.js, we added an interactive layer on top of the Results Database. We’ve made it possible for BAPCo users to have access to functionalities like user accounts and search preferences as well as the ability to compare selected results. 


Blue Fish worked with us to resolve some performance issues and legacy browser support on our website. During the process they also made some design updates that increased the usability of the site for visitors using mobile devices, as well as making site administration more efficient.

- John Peterson // Director

BAPCo - What we delivered
BAPCo - What we delivered
BAPCo - What we delivered
  • BAPCo - What we delivered
  • BAPCo - What we delivered
  • BAPCo - What we delivered

The Wrap Up

In addition to making things easier on users, we created an API for BAPCo to provide their users direct access to push their tests to the site. This was the ultimate desire, as it allows them to more easily and efficiently collect data. Now that the data is in their new database we can continue to add new functionality for the users and make the experience better and better.