August 13, 2014

Transcribe and Single Entry playing nice

by Tad Ward

Here at Blue Fish we are huge fans of the ExpressionEngine add-on called Single Entry created by Viget Labs. It does at its titled, creates a single entry for a channel that you may not want the client posting multiple entries in. Perfect examples are channels like Homepage, Contact Us, About and so on. 

Recently we were tasked with builiding a multilingual site, using English and Spanish. We chose Transcribe by EE Harbor to handle the multilingual part of the site. Wonderful add-on that handles multiple languages by posting multiple entries, one for each language. With that we were going to run into a problem.



We wanted to keep the use of Single Entry on the site as well; for this particular site we are using it for the Contact Us, a Branding Guide and a Advisory Committee listing page. 

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These Entries are like brother and sister

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