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Today I was visiting with a client that runs a local restaurant. I wanted to show some metrics of how the redesign that we did of their site was performing. What I found when I started looking into the numbers was a surprise even to me. Keeping in mind they are not Facebook getting millions of visitors a day. As we look at the numbers focus on the improvement not the quantity.

Here is what the Analytics show:

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In this blog post I'm gonna let it all hang out. No polish. I think it is important for our community to share hurdles that we encounter and how we approach hopping over them. As a matter of fact I think we may even make this an ongoing series on the blog.

Keaton, Tad, and myself just held an impromptu meeting about communication. For years Blue Fish was just me. I had no one to communicate with except for the clients. There was no designer handing off assets to a developer. There was no project manager needing both of them to meet certain milestones in order to keep a project on schedule. It was just me.

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Several months ago we started on a new project. We will be building out a site for Eastern Shore, Alabama. The site will focus on building awareness of our community. Our desire is to have a place that both locals and tourists will use to learn more about our area. Things in this area are changing fast and it is hard to keep up! We'll have a business directory that will be FREE to all businesses. We'll also have articles pertaining to our area with tips on things like good locations for pictures, great places to go for dinner on Valentine's Day, Places to Visit, Things to See, Recipes, etc. We'll also have a community curated list of events and much more.

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Over the holidays, I had a chance to dig in to Gary Vaynerchuk's latest book titled Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How To Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World, or #JJJRH as the Twittersphere has so brilliantly named it. The book is about social media, the obvious ways businesses misuse various platforms, and eventually, how businesses should properly use social media as a marketing tool. The book is a fast read and I encourage anyone and everyone to pick this book up! As a business owner or a marketer, it will help you use the platforms more effectively.

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