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When I was in high school there was this guy named Josh that was always at our parties. Josh was around 5 years older than all of us and at the time it was awesome, we had this older friend who hung out and bought us beer. The math was easy Josh=beer beer=girls girls=awesome. At some point though, the logic breaks through and everyone realizes older dudes hanging out with high school girls is probably not ok. I think to some extent, we’ve all seen that kind of thing happen and over the last couple of years we’ve been watching image carousels slowly but surely become the “Josh” of the web.

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I am part of a small group of studio owners. We meet once a month to discuss various things. They run the gamut from hiring new people, marketing strategies, new approaches to contracts and more. A large part of the group is just encouraging each other. Being a small business owner is a lonely thing. Sometimes you don't feel like you can talk to your employees about everything. Sometimes you just need an objective opinion on whether you have lost your mind (again).

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Something we don't talk too much here at Blue Fish is that we do quite a bit of photography. Websites need images to visually represent their brand and communicate an appropriate feel. Several of my friends have emailed me recently asking for advice on what camera to purchase. This being the Christmas season I am betting that a few more folks that we know are going to end up with shiny new cameras under the Christmas Tree. So I figured I would write down some basics for taking your photography knowledge to the next level.

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Recently we launched a new website for Mississippi Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC). The MASGC is one of 33 federal/state partnerships that matches NOAA Sea Grant expertise and resources with state academic institutions. This project was 5 months in the making and we are very proud of how it has turned out.

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